My Hanauta album and Rabitto magazine just came!!!



I've waited for 2 months and at last it came and I cried a little (;ω;)
I got the Hanauta's Animate bonus too: Hanauta logo keychain and 3 cards with Kettan's signature!
The Rabitto magz consists of 20+ pages of Kettan, Kettan poster, also articles of Mittaro, Pokota, and Koma'n (≧∇≦)/


I'm so happy today! I can't wait for my Root Five album to come!!!
Also gonna order the fanbook asap (><)

At last! Root Five Love Hunter live version full PV!!!

I can't choose which one is my favorite here but maybe Mi-chan or Koman! They looked great in this PV! But because my number one bias is Kettan I'm forever fangirling over him especially his cute luscious lips *nosebleed*
However this PV is my fave so far XD sexy yeaaaaah!!!

And I made some caps and idiot panels XD

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I'm having too much fun XD Half fangirling over them half making fun of them XD
I've wasted 3 hours over this PV so let's sleep! Oyasumi :3

Root Five Illustration PV version of Love Hunter and ROOT FIVE!
Love Hunter PV (Illust ver)
【ニコニコ動画】蛇足ぽこたみーちゃんけったろkoma'n【√5】「Love Hunter」イラストMV
New song from the 1st Album... Song made by halyosy who also the one who made Love Doctor, so this song is the 2nd song in the "Love" series. I hope for more >w<
Like always the illustration made by Aoyagi Takumi. I really love his/her ikemen style! It's also nice that Root Five keeping this illustration version concept from the 1st single until now :)
Dasoku = White Tiger
Pokota = Barbary Lion
Mi-chan = Black Panther
Kettaro = Arizona Jaguar
Koma'n = King Cheetah ----> my fave! so cuteeee >w<

【ニコニコ動画】蛇足ぽこたみーちゃんけったろkoma'n【√5】「ROOT FIVE」イラストMV
Another song from the 1st Album... Koman made the lyric, melody, and arrangement, and Kettan the rap part... In short, this song is like an introdution song for Root Five... It's cute and simple to be sing together with fans in a live... Like always, nice job Leader!!!
I'm putting the lyric too since it's simple and cute!

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Root Five 1st album jackets revealed!!!

(EDITED: The price somehow changed when I checked the site yesterday Jan 28th)

Released March 13th 2013

Limited A version
CD + DVD (PV and more videos)
3360 yen

Limited B version
CD + 32-pages booklet
2625 3360 yen

Regular version
CD + 3 random trading cards from total 16 cards
2500 2625 yen

Animate version
CD + DVD (PV offshot and interview)
3360 yen

I definitely buy the Limited B version! Since it has booklet! I mean, if DVD I can get the rip from internet but if booklet even if I get the scans it won't be the same :(

So I'll order the Limited B version first... I want the regular version too because they looked so pretty in the cover... But I guess I'll buy it when I go to Japan around March-April... But because I won't go to Tokyo, so I'm not certain I'll found the music stores and the album...

For safety I'll order the Limited B first from the usual service (RVN Musikindo)... 2625 yen is around Rp 500.000 maybe... I still have enough time to save more money... I even haven't pay 70% of my Kettan's album and magazine ORZ

So I found this new PO service named JKPoop in Facebook/Twitter and it gave better price than RVN Musikindo (and also my friend recommended it since it has good service too)... So the limited A or B is Rp 410.000... Still gonna buy the limited B first :D

Happy birthday to my bias that I found 4 months ago just because a random click of youtube video which was Love Doctor PV... Thanks to the thumbnail which was Kettan's cute ponytail that I decided to click the video.... Long story about how I feel about this cute guy for 4 months long... But in summary, he's my bias who made me spent money so much on him, spent my time in internet so much on him (especially for stalking his twitter), and drew so many him XD He is the worst idol from my other 3 biases (Kame, Tomo, Ikepi :3)... Maybe because he's so useless that I can't ignore him and kept on worrying him or bullying him XD

Then because in Japan it's already Jan 9th so it's already his bday! I sent him a bday message and a fanart (which I made since 3 days ago) via twitter... Because he's interesting and changed his appearance quite a lot I was having fun drawing him :D He got bday messages in twitter from other Root Five members at around 00.00 Japan time :D ---> okay maybe not, because Dasoku only tweet "Ketsume" (from Ketsu otaome) and didn't even mention Kettan! XD

Too make it short, because I'm sleepy, this is the fanart :3
bdaykettaro copy


Some Root Five sketches and daily life...
I've sketches some quite a long time ago...
Because I bought Utattemita no Hon November, and there some pretty close up pictures, somehow my hands got itchy to draw again since 4-5 years ago the last time I drew for my class...

First, I drew Dasoku... It's still half-assed... Maybe later I'll polish it with 6B pencil...

Then, Pokota, still half-assed too... I still don't like it... Maybe I'm going to correct it later...

Then, Kettaro... I'm quite satisfied with this one because I was thinking of send it to him... And I've sent it for real to his twitter... He praised me with his usual playful reply "umasugi warota wwwwwwww". I knew it just so him and I'm really happy:))))

After that I should draw Mi-chan and Koma'n... I'm going to finish it all this holiday!!! Seriously!

I also need to make something for Kettan's birthday on 9th Jan and his album release day on 16th Jan... I'm thinking to make some illustrations combined with flash, maybe a simple fanvideo?? I dunno... First I need a better laptop (since my laptop for design purpose was stolen last semester orz)... And I should be thinking of my own thesis since on Feb I'm already in my 3rd semester... At least I need to write three proposals... Wish me luck :DDD

Ah I also made a bad sketch from Root Five in suits from Next Generation PV... Oh and all sketches taken with my 2MP camera phone XD

[FIC] Mocha Cafe - Character Profiles
Err, just my random writing to get rid of boredom... Don't take it too seriously... It's AU fic... Based on real people yet not everything written below is the truth (esp their real names)...

Genre: AU, Slash of Life, Comedy, Fluff
Fandom: Root Five, Utaite, Odorite, Nico Nico Douga
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In the mid of Tokyo Metropolitan, just around the quiet side of Shibuya there's a small cafe with delicious cakes, coffees, and pastas just around the corner of a small alley. The cafe which consists story untold about the weird grumbler middle age cafe's owner, the hyper and hard working salaryman, the gentle and tranquil rocker, the loud and childish manga artist, and the genius bad-ass part-timer with their simple daily interactions that begin from this small cafe.

Entry 1#
Real Name: Daniel Stevens Kurokawa
Nickname: Dasoku, Daasokku, Tono (lord)
Age: 35
Birthplace/date: Hokkaido, March 2nd 1977
Bloodtype: O
Job: Mocha Cafe's owner, net-media creator
Habit(s): surfing in internet, collecting latest gadgets, getting around every social network sites, making face like the most bored person in the world, fanboying over his favorite anime, playing with cat, bossing people around, grumbling about anything that he doesn't like, checking cafe's profits, tasting new menus, doing nothing
Pet(s): Mocha (cat 5y-o), Fall (cat 1 y-o)

Entry 2#
Real Name: Egawa Naoki
Nickname: Pokota, Pokotan, Hage (baldy)
Age: 29
Birthplace/date: Tokyo, Jan 12th 1983
Bloodtype: AB
Job: salaryman of baby diaper "Mamipoko"
Habit(s): teasing people, throwing dirty jokes, doing sexual harassment (so far only to male), drinking cans of Red Bull, working seriously with extra hours, dancing "hyper"ly while drinking beer, worrying his thinning hair, taking narcissistic photos of himself, doing make up and cosplaying (also crossplaying)
Pet(s): Tadokoro-san (stuffed doggie??)

Entry 3#
Real Name: Seto Yuma
Nickname: Mi-chan, Micha, Mi-san
Age: 24
Birthplace/date: Fukushima, March 9th 1988
Bloodtype: O
Job: rock band vocalist, model, accessories designer
Habit(s): playing with his cat, taking care of his cat, talking to his cat, smiling to his cat, sleeping while hugging his cat, singing, shopping, collecting clothes and fashionable things, designing accessories, smiling and laughing quietly while watching his surroundings
Pet(s): Nana-chan (cat 2 y-o)

Entry 4#
Real Name: Masataku Keitarou
Nickname: Kettaro, Kettan, Ketsu, Ketsuko, Debu (fatty)
Age: 22
Birthplace/date: Hokkaido, Jan 9th 1990
Bloodtype: O
Job: manga artist (shonen action manga with alias-Kettaro and shoujo romance manga with alias-Ketsuko)
Habit(s): watching anime, listening to music, surfing internet, playing with his Iphone, cooking, eating, sleeping anywhere anytime, making stupid face, complaining about everything, laughing unabashedly when getting scolded, fanboying over any cool or cute thing, behaving like a sissy then insisting he's not a homo

Entry 5#
Name: Komazawa Hiroto
Nickname: Koman, Komachin, Chibi (mini)
Age: 20
Birthplace/date: Chiba, June 16th 1992
Bloodtype: AB
Job: university student in music major, part-timer at Mocha Cafe
Habit(s): playing piano, making his own music, arranging music, making love poems, photography, drinking coffee and beer, voicing his dirty thought without thinking, daydreaming of ideal romance and perfect life, behaving like a delinquent in special occasion

Notes: I didn't particularly write their personalities because it's pretty much reflected from their habits... I'm planning to make the 2nd part of the character profiles, such as: Ren as Dasoku's long time friend who works as the cook and patisserie, Gero as Dasoku's half nephew who works as the barista and bartender, Rumdarjun and Mucchi as Kettaro's otaku friends, T-kun as Koman's classmate in university, Merochin as Pokota's rival at work, and many more...

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Otanjoubi Omedetou Ikeoka Ryosuke!
So my dear cutie son just had his 18th year bday on Sept 3rd...
Wish you all the best!!! o(>_<)o
More handsome, more diligent, cuter, smarter, luckier, kinder, nicer, healthier, lovelier, and more more goodness for you!

I've plan to draw fanarts for him and Yuuki's bday too... but I guess, I lost my interest because my messy desk XD but I try make it later... So for now, I made fanvid, my very first fanvid, so don't expect much :D

Both of my fave kiddos were born on Sept, Virgo, also from Aichi... and both played my favorite characters, Kaido and Joe :) In term of face, they're nothing alike beside their square jaws XD and both usually use glasses...
(not to mention, one is so slim and one is so chubby :3)

So, last words... Ikepi, I want to keep you all to myself \(^w^)/

PDB Wallpapers
Taken from Pole Dancing Boys Photobook :)

1024x768 - 10 members

widescreen - 10 members

1024x768 - 16 members

widescreen - 16 members

Haha, at last I'm updating this journal... *sigh*
Just to show my friends list, I'M ALIVE!!! (/^o^)/

First, my Johnnys fandom...
I still love KAT-TUN, especially Kame and his Touch-twin Ueda... Yay, Kazuya-Tatsuya!
I'm not really update for their videos or magazine scans, because I've more urgent things to download and my HD won't be enough if I'm collecting all...
I love NEWS too, ummm actually just Tegoshi and Ryo, hahahaha~ I miss their works too...

Second, actually I have a lot of fandoms, currently these last years I'm falling into Tenimyu and Tokusatsu fandom... So eventually into those boys agencies fandom too such as D-BOYS, D2, and AMUSE...

Third, of course dorama still my life! Recently there're a lot of movie, and I'm struggling to download all! And I haven't watch all of the downloaded one... Not in mood... Because I'm busy fangirling about my boom which are Tenimyu 2nd Season, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, and D2 (because they're so busy this year and keep sprouting here and there in Tenimyu, Gokaiger, Takumi-kun Series 4, their own movies Pole Dancing Boys, and their blogs are interesting and full of pretty photos)...

Fourth, my bias getting younger... When I was in junior high school I liked F4, which are 8-10 years older than me! Then in senior high school I liked Kim Jae Won (genuine lovely Korean movies) then eventually fell in Japanese fandom which is KAT-TUN (because of Kame from Gokusen 2) and they're 3-6 years older than me... Then in university I'm starting to like a year older than me which are Yanagishita Tomo, Seto Koji, and Miura Shohei... Oh, and getting younger into 90's boys from Hamao Kyosuke (1991), Sakamoto Shogo (1993), the worst is Yoshizawa Ryo (1994)... Now, D2 which from 16 boys 11 are 1990's... T_________________________T

After thinking and thinking, I managed to made up my mind for who is my ichiban in D2... Ikepi aka Ikeoka Ryosuke! Hahaha, because he's so so great as Kaido, and I'm forever Kaido-biased... And he's like the cutest thing I ever seen, his crossed-eyes, cute lips, cute profile, lovely legs, sexy voice, and just simply cute attitude (easy to bullied too >_<)... My perfect lil bro... I feel like squeezing him all the time!!!

Micchi is the one getting into me first, because he' so similar with Kame and Tomo... The perfect wife and big sis type, the ultimate uke, and oh-so-slash-able and often looks chummy with lot of guys!

Then, Yamada Yuki aka Joe Gibken the pretty long hair and sexy ass! Fell in love for the first time I saw him in a Magz cover and immediately download the first episode of the series and getting addicted with it (and managed to bring my big bro and besties to watch it too ^^... He's more to a cool big bro and friend even if hes younger... He's kinda otaku, dorky, and weird... I love how he's so simple and a bit un-stylish... ^^

Last, I'm forgot how to LJ-cut... I hope this entry won't be too long to annoy anybody... I'm sorry!!!
I'm going to learn how to LJ-cut now...
So, enough now...
I'm always in love with Japan and it's sparkling fandoms...

Will be back with spam or fanart or fanvideo...

To be continued...........................................................


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