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[FANFIC] Midnight Ramen Bar - Hokuto x Taiga
Midnight Ramen Bar
Pairing: Hokuto x Taiga
Fandom: SixTONES
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Inspired by last year magazine interview where Taiga borrowed Hokuto's money and had awkward moment when returning it. Also, inspired by this year King's Treasure with Snowman's MC when Juri and Jesse witnessed Hokuto's high tension drunk in a gyoza-bar. And Taiga's pretty girly hands.
Warning: I'm suck in grammar XD

As usual, after Shonen Club rehearsal, all of SixTONES members go for late dinner somewhere near NHK hall. Since tomorrow is their day-off a little alcohol won't do any harm, so they decide to go to a ramen bar. Shin knew this one place which is quite secluded from people's eyes and open 24 hour. They even have a small private room upstair. Actually this private room is rarely known, Shin himself knew it from Snowman's Watanabe Shouta aka Shoutii.

After they arrived in the private room which only consists a small rectangle short table, they took off their shoes before squished their way on the cramp floor. The waiter took their order and in just a minute he is back with bottles of beer. Everyone takes their glasses and chants, "Otsukaresama deshita!"

While waiting for their ramens, Juri talks about their rehearsal and their next job. Jesse plays with his chopsticks absentmindedly while nods his head here and there. Kouchi lays his head on the wall behind him and closes his eyes, too sleepy to join the conversation. Shin also talks about the dance routine which he thinks need more practices.

Taiga fiddles with his phone, checks the message then he says with small voice, "Oh my parents will come back home late after a dinner party in hotel. Guess no one pick me home huh?". Hokuto who hasn't talk at all since they sat down, glances from behind his book at the troubled Taiga who is in front of him. "What? You still need to be picked up by your Papa?", Hokuto snickers and goes back to read.

Taiga already pissed off by Hokuto because of today's rehearsal. Hokuto was yelling at him for his mistakes, even more annoying than Shin as the dance leader. "Shut up, it's not that I'm a little kid, it's just my father said he will pick me up today," replies Taiga bitterly. Juri who sits beside Taiga hurriedly comes for the rescue with his wide smile, "Maa maa, Kyomochan can go home together with me, no need to worry, I'll protect you." Taiga laughs a bit and elbows Juri's side, "That's no need you fool. You're making it worse."

Then their ramens finally come. Kouchi opens his eyes and takes his chopstick then mutters, "I need to go back immediately after I finished this ramen. I need a long long sleep on my bed." Jesse joins in, "Yeah me too. Although tomorrow is off, I've meeting with my manager about R no Housoku." Shin protests, "Ehhhh you guys no fun! I want to drinks moree!" Juri laughs, "You can drink anytime at home anyway." Shin replies back grudgingly, "Of course it's different when we drink together! We haven't talk wildly for so long!" Everyone just laugh and start eating their ramens in their own paces.

After Kouchi and Jesse finished their ramens, they put their money on the table and excuse themselves. "Goodbye guys, see you in 3 days? Let's talk again on Line," says Jesse while putting on his shoes. Kouchi holds Jesse's shoulder while putting on his shoes, tries to hold his balance in his sleepy state. Then they go out the room with Kouchi's hand still on Jesse's shoulder.

"Maa, what to talk? What to talk?," said hyper-Shin with wide smile. Hokuto and Taiga just drink with straight faces. At the end only Shin and Juri talk about many things, from job to families to friends to their latest obsessions. Hokuto is polite enough to close his book and hear their conversation. Taiga hears them too, but his body is totally facing Juri, which is weird since Taiga looks like he is avoiding Hokuto who is in front of him. Hokuto realizes it, he isn't that air-head and anyway he knew Taiga for years to recognize his tendency when pissed off. 'He is still mad at me, huh?,' said Hokuto in his head only, like always he keeps his feeling for himself.

The guilt and uneasiness makes Hokuto drinks more than usually. He can just goes home now but he knew he will regret it if he didn't make peace with Taiga before their next meeting. Hokuto realized he was too harsh when commenting about Taiga's dance today. It's not that Taiga is bad at dance, it's just Hokuto thought Taiga was distracted at the rehearsal. Hokuto yelled at Taiga when he missed the opening, stood at the wrong position, even nearly bumped into Juri. Hokuto only did it on reflex, since Shin wouldn't be able to pointed at Taiga's mistake when he was in front of them. But still, yelling words like 'brainless' and 'incompetent' will hurt and shaming any person alive. Hokuto should learn to train his mouth on top of his brain and body.

When Hokuto's mind is full of guilt conscience, Juri's phone rings and he picks it, "Hello, ah Kaa-chan? Now? I'm at ramen bar. What, Subaru? Oh geez!! Shit, I'm sorry I forgot it's tonight! I'll go there immediately." Shin asks curiously after Juri ended the call, "What happened?" Juri answers hastily, "I forgot to pick up Subaru, he just arrived at his school after baseball match with other school."

"Sorry, I need to go first then," says Juri while standing up, then he looks at Taiga, "Ah Kyomochan, I cannot go home with you". Taiga replies calmly, "No problem, it's not that I need anyone to take me home. Just hurry pick your brother." Then Juri puts his shoes while saying, "Be nice, especially both of you", he points his finger at Hokuto and Taiga. "See you later guys!" Juri's voice heard when he is half running outside the door.

Shin slumps his posture when Juri left the three of them. "Ahh, Juri has gone. Who am I gonna talk to, I'm left out with you two. The worst." Taiga calmly suggests, "How about we go home?" Shin protests, "Nooo, I'm not having enough fun!" Taiga tries again, "How about you call your friends who are nearby? I bet other juniors may be having dinner around here." Shin exclaims, "That's right! Let's ask in Sunonzu Line group." Sunonzo is the combination name of Snowman (Sunooman) and SixTONES (Sutoonzu). Shin immediately types his phone and Taiga glances almost stealthily to Hokuto who sits beside Shin. Hokuto slumped his head down. Taiga wonders since when Hokuto is asleep, or if he's really asleep. But Taiga doesn't try to wake him up or even calls his name, he will just go home and leave him if he doesn't say anything.

Not too long, Shin's loud voice surprised Taiga's attention back to him. "Ah Snowman is near here, although only Shoutii and Abebe left, I'll go there then!" Shin says while standing up and realization shows in his face when he sees Hokuto. "Ahh, Hokuto is sleeping! What to do then? Should we wake him up?," Shin says worriedly. But suddenly Hokuto's head goes up and replies stutteringly, "No, it's okay. I'm not sleeping. I can go home just right, hey I'm not a little kid." Taiga finally looks straight to Hokuto, he looks half sleepy half laughing with unfocused eyes. 'He looks unguarded and pitiful, guess he's quite drunk', said Taiga in his head while relaxing himself in front of current Hokuto.

Taiga then said to Shin, "Shin, you can go now. I can take this big brat here home. I may just splash water to his drunken face and drag his ass home." Shin's worried face turns into glee, "Really? Kyomochan is okay taking care of Hokuto? Ehhh what a rare occasion! Not to mention, both of you just clashed again in the rehearsal." Taiga lifts one of his eyebrow, "What? Of course it's okay. Although he is pissing me this whole day, he's still my friend and a member after all. You should just go before I take back my offer." Shin snaps, "Oh no!" and hurriedly put his shoes then left the room while singing, "Sayonaraaa~"

When Shin's voice was gone and the silence has back, Taiga just realized Shin hasn't pay his share. Wait, Juri hasn't too! Oh no, Taiga doesn't have enough money today, and he is unsure whether his credit card will help at all. Taiga glances at Hokuto who is now drinking again in silence and finally asks him in surrender, "Nee Hokuto, do you have enough money to pay for Shin and Juri's share? They went home without paying, those idiots." Taiga's annoyance towards Hokuto is forgotten since he isn't someone who holds grudge over a pathetic drunk brat. Hokuto just nods and says, "Yeah I have enough." Taiga puts his elbows on the table and sits more closely to Hokuto who is over the table. "You drank too much, let's go home already. Should I order water instead?" Just when Taiga wants to stand up to call the waiter, Hokuto catches his hand. "No need, I'm okay." Then Taiga left in awkward silence again. 'Great, Hokuto doesn't want to go home yet doesn't talk too. I'm the one who should be angry and make him uneasy after annoyed me today, right? Now I'm the one left in trouble'.

Suddenly Hokuto's voice heard, in a really small volume, "..men". Taiga doesn't get it at all so he asks, "What? Louder please." Hokuto still looks at his glass instead out Taiga's face, repeats in clearer voice, "Gomen. For today." Taiga feels cold from his backbone, and he tries to reply with unbothered act, "Ah, you surprised me. So you realize eh. I'm pissed off at you, but yeah forget it." Hokuto's eyes finally look at Taiga's without falter, "Hey I'm seriously sorry. I should said it after rehearsal but others were there too and it's kind of embarrasing." Taiga nodded knowingly, since this is not the first time Hokuto is having a hard time to say sorry. While Kouchi is saying sorry all the time, it lost the meaning.

Hokuto continues, "I even pissed you more when I commented about your dad pick you home, right? I thought I want to break the ice but guess I made the wrong move. I really thought if we can go home just the two of us so I can say sorry properly." Hokuto is being honest and docile, must be because of the beer. Taiga then says his mind out loud, "Don't say, after I gave you silent treatment after your idiot comment, you were so down and drank a lot without saying a word?" Hokuto doesn't budge for awhile but then he nods, "Yeah, you knew me well. It's embarassing."

Taiga is having a dilemma. Like always, Hokuto is always confused him with his gap. Sometimes he is so tough and cold, sometimes he is cute and defenseless. Taiga starts to think he is half drunk too. Then when Taiga pats Hokuto's pitiful head, he reasoned himself that he must be really drunk. Hokuto eyes lits up and a small smile finally emerges from his face. Taiga continues to pat Hokuto's head, "Ah, if only you always this docile. You're really cute, I cannot even stay angry."

Hokuto's hand slowly hold Taiga's hand which patting his head. Suddenly Hokuto's voice is getting more confident, "Do you forgive me?" Taiga tries to hide his startled face with the sudden seriousness in Hokuto's voice and gesture, "Um yeah, of course. It was my fault too for getting distracted at work."

Hokuto takes Taiga's hand to his own cheek and kisses the palm lovingly, and turns his eyes back to Taiga while saying "Thank you, Taiga," with a dazzling smile that nearly stops Taiga's heart. And what's with Hokuto's called him with 'Taiga' instead of the usual "Kyomoto" or sometimes "Kyomochan" when Hokuto is in better mood.

"Wh-what's with you, suddenly called me with Taiga?" replies Taiga stutteringly while trying to take his hand out of Hokuto's hold. But Hokuto hardens his hold, his eyes bores into Taiga's but with teasing smile, "I cannot call you Taiga?" Taiga wants to dug his head under the table to hide from this scary Hokuto. This Hokuto is scarier than the one who yelled at his mistakes on the rehearsal. Taiga is afraid and cannot face this Hokuto. Taiga wants to drink more so he forgets everything. And Taiga feels it's unfair how Hokuto is totally drunk to forget everything he has done and said by tomorrow.

Taiga gathered his gut and finally replies, "I-it's oksudden, and hey it's already so late, how about we go home?" That's right, Taiga needs to runaway now or he may never gets the chance again. Hokuto is still smiling, then he takes another hand of Taiga in his hold, "Ehh, Taiga is running away, aren't you? Ahh, just when i finally can talk to you." Taiga already lost all of his energy to fight Hokuto, too late he realized, so he just stares at Hokuto in defeat.

Hokuto kisses both of Taiga's hand while closing his eyes, he murmurs in Taiga's hand with the softest voice, "Nee Taiga, I like you. I still like you the most." That moment, Taiga wonders if his heart is already burst or what, he can hears his own heartbeats like a stereo speaker. Both Hokuto and Taiga said "I like you" a lot in the past, when they still attached to each other like lovebirds around Bakaleya era. But since years of separation, they got awkward with each other and it's not because of big fight or anything like that. Maybe just their 'adult' prides didn't let them be honest with each other.

While calming himself, Taiga still waits for more words from Hokuto's mouth, as if Taiga hasn't killed enough by his previous words. The wait finally end when Taiga realized the said culprit starts dozing off with both of Taiga's hands as his pillow. "This idiot! Hey wake up!" Taiga tries budging his hands but Hokuto still close his eyes. "Ahh, what the hell, Hokuto. You've confessed like that and just sleep before I even reply anything," Taiga continues in desperation but unknowingly genuine smile starts to spread on his face,"I still like you too, idiot."

Taiga didn't really remember how he got home. He just remembered he picked Hokuto's wallet and took five thousands yen for covering Juri and Shin's share. He asked waiter's help to drag Hokuto's ass and then both of them get into taxi. Taiga's dropped Hokuto at his house, fortunately Hokuto's parents still awoke and both of them dragged Hokuto inside the house. Finally Taiga was left alone and let out a long sigh inside the taxi. What a long tiring day.

The next morning, Taiga received message from Hokuto's private Line, "Thank you for sending me home. I heard it from my parents." Taiga is half happy because of Hokuto's message but half annoyed since Hokuto seemed to forget what happened last night.

After three days off, finally SixTONES have meeting schedule for Summer Station. Taiga comes first to the dressing room. He is kind of nervous since he will meet Hokuto's again today. He planned to come before Hokuto, usually Hokuto is the first to come. Taiga kept saying in his head that he just wants to return the five thousands yen to Hokuto, although it's Juri and Shin responsibilities. No, it's not that Taiga wants to know how much memories left in Hokuto about that night. Anyway since Hokuto doesn't remembered half of it, it's easier for Juri and Shin to return money to Taiga, right? Taiga is good at making excuses.

When the awaited Hokuto entered the room, Taiga tries to act relax on the sofa. Hokuto normally raises his hand in acknowledgement of Taiga's presence, "Oh you're early." Taiga tries to stand in cool manner and talks like nothing happened, "Yeah, I want to return your money." Hokuto makes confused face while walking towards Taiga, "Umm, money?"

Taiga does imaginary flying kick in his head, 'Damn he totally forgot and here I'm alone living in those memories like an idiot for three days already.' Taiga swallows the lump in his throat and replies with eyes avoiding Hokuto's and plays on the five thousands yen in his hand, "You forgot everything, right?"

Taiga waits for Hokuto's reaction but suddenly Hokuto's hand is holding the Taiga's hand which holding the money, "Yeah. I forgot everything I guess, Ta-i-ga~" Taiga's head pops up to look at Hokuto's and there he is smiling mischievously. Hokuto lifts Taiga's hand and half sings, "I'll take the money~" While Taiga is still processing everything, Hokuto waves one thousand yen in front of his Taiga's face. "I'm sure Juri and Shin bills were four thousands?" Taiga mutters in annoyance, "What, you remembered that well huh. I'm totally fooled." Hokuto laughs, "Yes, actually every part of it especially the last one when you said", Hokuto's mouth suddenly gets really close to Taiga's left ear, "I still like you too." Taiga punches Hokuto's hand in reflex to hide his embarassment, "Idiot!"

"Just give the money already!" Taiga half shouts while trying to take the one thousand yen with eyes still avoiding Hokuto's, Taiga is having a hard time to grip the money and he knew he makes himself the bigger fool than he already is. Hokuto giggles like a girl and Taiga can only cries in his head, 'Just let me die.'


Thank you for reading! Hokutaiga is the second pair I'm really shipped hard after Akakame in the past. I've fun imagining Hokuto calls Kyomoto with Taiga instead. Also, I read in 2013 magazine interview that Jesse said Hokuto is a man of action instead out word. Therefore I imagined Hokuto has fetish for Taiga's pretty hands (lol). I hope in real life Hokuto can be more aggresive to Taiga on and off camera.Anyway, you guys decide whether Hokuto was really drunk or just made it an excuse to flirt with Taiga 😆

My Hanauta album and Rabitto magazine just came!!!



I've waited for 2 months and at last it came and I cried a little (;ω;)
I got the Hanauta's Animate bonus too: Hanauta logo keychain and 3 cards with Kettan's signature!
The Rabitto magz consists of 20+ pages of Kettan, Kettan poster, also articles of Mittaro, Pokota, and Koma'n (≧∇≦)/


I'm so happy today! I can't wait for my Root Five album to come!!!
Also gonna order the fanbook asap (><)

At last! Root Five Love Hunter live version full PV!!!


I can't choose which one is my favorite here but maybe Mi-chan or Koman! They looked great in this PV! But because my number one bias is Kettan I'm forever fangirling over him especially his cute luscious lips *nosebleed*
However this PV is my fave so far XD sexy yeaaaaah!!!

And I made some caps and idiot panels XD

Read more...Collapse )

I'm having too much fun XD Half fangirling over them half making fun of them XD
I've wasted 3 hours over this PV so let's sleep! Oyasumi :3

Root Five Illustration PV version of Love Hunter and ROOT FIVE!
Love Hunter PV (Illust ver)
【ニコニコ動画】蛇足ぽこたみーちゃんけったろkoma'n【√5】「Love Hunter」イラストMV
New song from the 1st Album... Song made by halyosy who also the one who made Love Doctor, so this song is the 2nd song in the "Love" series. I hope for more >w<
Like always the illustration made by Aoyagi Takumi. I really love his/her ikemen style! It's also nice that Root Five keeping this illustration version concept from the 1st single until now :)
Dasoku = White Tiger
Pokota = Barbary Lion
Mi-chan = Black Panther
Kettaro = Arizona Jaguar
Koma'n = King Cheetah ----> my fave! so cuteeee >w<

【ニコニコ動画】蛇足ぽこたみーちゃんけったろkoma'n【√5】「ROOT FIVE」イラストMV
Another song from the 1st Album... Koman made the lyric, melody, and arrangement, and Kettan the rap part... In short, this song is like an introdution song for Root Five... It's cute and simple to be sing together with fans in a live... Like always, nice job Leader!!!
I'm putting the lyric too since it's simple and cute!

Read more...Collapse )

Root Five 1st album jackets revealed!!!
Source: http://avexnet.or.jp/rootfive/news/20121214.html

(EDITED: The price somehow changed when I checked the site yesterday Jan 28th)

Released March 13th 2013

Limited A version
CD + DVD (PV and more videos)
3360 yen

Limited B version
CD + 32-pages booklet
2625 3360 yen

Regular version
CD + 3 random trading cards from total 16 cards
2500 2625 yen

Animate version
CD + DVD (PV offshot and interview)
3360 yen

I definitely buy the Limited B version! Since it has booklet! I mean, if DVD I can get the rip from internet but if booklet even if I get the scans it won't be the same :(

So I'll order the Limited B version first... I want the regular version too because they looked so pretty in the cover... But I guess I'll buy it when I go to Japan around March-April... But because I won't go to Tokyo, so I'm not certain I'll found the music stores and the album...

For safety I'll order the Limited B first from the usual service (RVN Musikindo)... 2625 yen is around Rp 500.000 maybe... I still have enough time to save more money... I even haven't pay 70% of my Kettan's album and magazine ORZ

So I found this new PO service named JKPoop in Facebook/Twitter and it gave better price than RVN Musikindo (and also my friend recommended it since it has good service too)... So the limited A or B is Rp 410.000... Still gonna buy the limited B first :D

Happy birthday to my bias that I found 4 months ago just because a random click of youtube video which was Love Doctor PV... Thanks to the thumbnail which was Kettan's cute ponytail that I decided to click the video.... Long story about how I feel about this cute guy for 4 months long... But in summary, he's my bias who made me spent money so much on him, spent my time in internet so much on him (especially for stalking his twitter), and drew so many him XD He is the worst idol from my other 3 biases (Kame, Tomo, Ikepi :3)... Maybe because he's so useless that I can't ignore him and kept on worrying him or bullying him XD

Then because in Japan it's already Jan 9th so it's already his bday! I sent him a bday message and a fanart (which I made since 3 days ago) via twitter... Because he's interesting and changed his appearance quite a lot I was having fun drawing him :D He got bday messages in twitter from other Root Five members at around 00.00 Japan time :D ---> okay maybe not, because Dasoku only tweet "Ketsume" (from Ketsu otaome) and didn't even mention Kettan! XD

Too make it short, because I'm sleepy, this is the fanart :3
bdaykettaro copy


Some Root Five sketches and daily life...
I've sketches some quite a long time ago...
Because I bought Utattemita no Hon November, and there some pretty close up pictures, somehow my hands got itchy to draw again since 4-5 years ago the last time I drew for my class...

First, I drew Dasoku... It's still half-assed... Maybe later I'll polish it with 6B pencil...

Then, Pokota, still half-assed too... I still don't like it... Maybe I'm going to correct it later...

Then, Kettaro... I'm quite satisfied with this one because I was thinking of send it to him... And I've sent it for real to his twitter... He praised me with his usual playful reply "umasugi warota wwwwwwww". I knew it just so him and I'm really happy:))))

After that I should draw Mi-chan and Koma'n... I'm going to finish it all this holiday!!! Seriously!

I also need to make something for Kettan's birthday on 9th Jan and his album release day on 16th Jan... I'm thinking to make some illustrations combined with flash, maybe a simple fanvideo?? I dunno... First I need a better laptop (since my laptop for design purpose was stolen last semester orz)... And I should be thinking of my own thesis since on Feb I'm already in my 3rd semester... At least I need to write three proposals... Wish me luck :DDD

Ah I also made a bad sketch from Root Five in suits from Next Generation PV... Oh and all sketches taken with my 2MP camera phone XD

[FIC] Mocha Cafe - Character Profiles
Err, just my random writing to get rid of boredom... Don't take it too seriously... It's AU fic... Based on real people yet not everything written below is the truth (esp their real names)...

Genre: AU, Slash of Life, Comedy, Fluff
Fandom: Root Five, Utaite, Odorite, Nico Nico Douga
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In the mid of Tokyo Metropolitan, just around the quiet side of Shibuya there's a small cafe with delicious cakes, coffees, and pastas just around the corner of a small alley. The cafe which consists story untold about the weird grumbler middle age cafe's owner, the hyper and hard working salaryman, the gentle and tranquil rocker, the loud and childish manga artist, and the genius bad-ass part-timer with their simple daily interactions that begin from this small cafe.

Entry 1#
Real Name: Daniel Stevens Kurokawa
Nickname: Dasoku, Daasokku, Tono (lord)
Age: 35
Birthplace/date: Hokkaido, March 2nd 1977
Bloodtype: O
Job: Mocha Cafe's owner, net-media creator
Habit(s): surfing in internet, collecting latest gadgets, getting around every social network sites, making face like the most bored person in the world, fanboying over his favorite anime, playing with cat, bossing people around, grumbling about anything that he doesn't like, checking cafe's profits, tasting new menus, doing nothing
Pet(s): Mocha (cat 5y-o), Fall (cat 1 y-o)

Entry 2#
Real Name: Egawa Naoki
Nickname: Pokota, Pokotan, Hage (baldy)
Age: 29
Birthplace/date: Tokyo, Jan 12th 1983
Bloodtype: AB
Job: salaryman of baby diaper "Mamipoko"
Habit(s): teasing people, throwing dirty jokes, doing sexual harassment (so far only to male), drinking cans of Red Bull, working seriously with extra hours, dancing "hyper"ly while drinking beer, worrying his thinning hair, taking narcissistic photos of himself, doing make up and cosplaying (also crossplaying)
Pet(s): Tadokoro-san (stuffed doggie??)

Entry 3#
Real Name: Seto Yuma
Nickname: Mi-chan, Micha, Mi-san
Age: 24
Birthplace/date: Fukushima, March 9th 1988
Bloodtype: O
Job: rock band vocalist, model, accessories designer
Habit(s): playing with his cat, taking care of his cat, talking to his cat, smiling to his cat, sleeping while hugging his cat, singing, shopping, collecting clothes and fashionable things, designing accessories, smiling and laughing quietly while watching his surroundings
Pet(s): Nana-chan (cat 2 y-o)

Entry 4#
Real Name: Masataku Keitarou
Nickname: Kettaro, Kettan, Ketsu, Ketsuko, Debu (fatty)
Age: 22
Birthplace/date: Hokkaido, Jan 9th 1990
Bloodtype: O
Job: manga artist (shonen action manga with alias-Kettaro and shoujo romance manga with alias-Ketsuko)
Habit(s): watching anime, listening to music, surfing internet, playing with his Iphone, cooking, eating, sleeping anywhere anytime, making stupid face, complaining about everything, laughing unabashedly when getting scolded, fanboying over any cool or cute thing, behaving like a sissy then insisting he's not a homo

Entry 5#
Name: Komazawa Hiroto
Nickname: Koman, Komachin, Chibi (mini)
Age: 20
Birthplace/date: Chiba, June 16th 1992
Bloodtype: AB
Job: university student in music major, part-timer at Mocha Cafe
Habit(s): playing piano, making his own music, arranging music, making love poems, photography, drinking coffee and beer, voicing his dirty thought without thinking, daydreaming of ideal romance and perfect life, behaving like a delinquent in special occasion

Notes: I didn't particularly write their personalities because it's pretty much reflected from their habits... I'm planning to make the 2nd part of the character profiles, such as: Ren as Dasoku's long time friend who works as the cook and patisserie, Gero as Dasoku's half nephew who works as the barista and bartender, Rumdarjun and Mucchi as Kettaro's otaku friends, T-kun as Koman's classmate in university, Merochin as Pokota's rival at work, and many more...

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

Otanjoubi Omedetou Ikeoka Ryosuke!
So my dear cutie son just had his 18th year bday on Sept 3rd...
Wish you all the best!!! o(>_<)o
More handsome, more diligent, cuter, smarter, luckier, kinder, nicer, healthier, lovelier, and more more goodness for you!

I've plan to draw fanarts for him and Yuuki's bday too... but I guess, I lost my interest because my messy desk XD but I try make it later... So for now, I made fanvid, my very first fanvid, so don't expect much :D

Both of my fave kiddos were born on Sept, Virgo, also from Aichi... and both played my favorite characters, Kaido and Joe :) In term of face, they're nothing alike beside their square jaws XD and both usually use glasses...
(not to mention, one is so slim and one is so chubby :3)

So, last words... Ikepi, I want to keep you all to myself \(^w^)/

PDB Wallpapers
Taken from Pole Dancing Boys Photobook :)

1024x768 - 10 members

widescreen - 10 members

1024x768 - 16 members

widescreen - 16 members